Wednesday, August 29, 2012

socal life

Wow what happened to the time? I still haven't quite adjusted to life out here enough to get back into weekly updates, but I really should! I miss writing and I miss communicating with my readers.

What have I been up to?

I have a new job finally! About a week after I got here I applied to a job that was very similar to what I had back home so I figured I was a shoe in and would be working in no time. Well, after a couple interview over the following 6 weeks I was hired. They they told me that I would have to wait 2 more weeks because the department manager was just starting his vacation. So anyway, now that I am almost through my second week of work things are getting back to normal.

We have made a few good friends among the military people. Almost every weekend we have people over which is something that I always wanted. Due to various circumstances (moving around the country and the like) I didn't have too many friends around where I grew up so there was no parting with people on the weekends. So finally having a group of friends is pretty sweet.

My diaper wearing has been rather sporadic. As of right now I haven't worn in a couple weeks because of time constraints or I just haven't felt like it. After sitting around for 2 months my first 2 weeks of work have left me exhausted every night so I lack the desire to do much of anything. But I do have a building desire to wear and I should be making time for it very soon.

My new SoCal life has also affected my social presence. I have been neglecting my twitter and I honestly feel bad about it. Over the past 4 years I have made some great friendships through twitter and I feel like I've left them out to dry. I have been working on staying in touch with people but it's a work in progress.

So here's to my new life in sunny California and, here's to getting back in the wing of things with my old online self!

Friday, August 3, 2012

cross country drive

Holy crap June was busy!

If you follow me on twitter then you would...also have seen less of me... Sorry about that... Where to begin...

My planned move to sunny, for the most part, San Diego was a success! Unless you add finding a job into that category, then it's only a partial success. I spent the month of June packing and preparing both my work and non-work lives for an adventure across the country, literally corner to corner.

On my birthday, June 14th, my sister and I headed out on a well over 3,000 mile (4,800+ kilometer) drive that took over 50 hours. Note: I didn't time the drive, but Google says 51 hours and I know we were stuck in SO MUCH TRAFFIC that it has to be near 60 hours...

So I must be going to attend to my Skyrim character. He needs me! I'll leave you with this and talk to you all again real soon!

Thoughts along the drive:

Everyone says diapers on a road trip are the best. I only had to go to the bathroom once during the day so I guess I wouldn't have used it anyway. And I don't know how you guys drive while diapered. It's so uncomfortable! I am speaking from past experience however, I didn't actually wear a diaper on this trip, in fact, aside from the other night, I haven't worn in a while.

Texas is HUGE! But it wasn't as boring as I expected. In fact, the entire drive wasn't too bad at all. The scenery varied so much that it was pretty interesting.

It cost me something like $25 in tolls to get from Boston to Washington DC, then not a single toll from DC to San Diego. WEIRD.

My former boss only had to call me twice with questions so that means I left them in good hands.

There is a lot of road construction around Virginia, Tennessee, Arkansas and Texas.

Dallas was pretty sweet looking, and you get a good view of it from I30.

Not counting Canada, I had never seen another country before, so to be less that 1000 feet from the border of Mexico was pretty cool. Of course, that part of Mexico was rather 3rd world country looking so it wasn't a great first impression, but whatever.

Oh right I almost forgot... I almost DIED in...some...state...on a bridge! Basically I was driving in the middle lane in the middle of a bridge when I decided to pass the car in front of me so I started merging into the left lane. Just as my front left tire crosses the lane divider I heard a metal clanging noise and looked ahead to see a big piece of metal come flying out from the bottom of the car I was trying to pass. The metal object was about a foot of so long and a few inches wide and was spinning rapidly as it flung at my car.

I managed to swerve into the left lane and as I looked to my right I saw the metal object fly past my car in the middle of the lane at about eye level. I'm sure it would have easily pierced my windshield and hit me or my sister, not to mention the fact that I'm in the middle of a bridge and who knows what would have happened afterward. I then looked back to see the object thankfully fly under the car that was behind me, unfortunately I saw his right rear tire explode followed by a tire on the car behind him. I don't know exactly what happened but I wish everyone involved all the best.