Friday, March 25, 2011

in the navy: part 2

First and foremost I want to apologize to my twitter followers for being so distant lately. As I will explain in this post, I have had a lot on my mind and have had no desire to keep up with twitter. Even though my wife rarely/never reads my blog, I need to apologize to her again, I have been distant lately for reasons she is aware of. The reason why this post is called "in the navy: part 2" is because the day after we went to speak with a recruiter my wife came to me and said she had reconsidered. I will be blatantly honest with all of you, I may be good with money but this economy is eating away at me. I have been slowly losing money for some time now and since my wife will have to start paying back her student loans soon, we are screwed. That is the start of stress/depression.

Our only options to stay afloat are:
1. I get a second job, which is near impossible with my current varying work schedule
2. My wife quits her part time job and school and gets a full time job
3. She joins the Navy
From what I have heard, I cannot join any branch of the military because I depend on prescription medication to function. If I am mistaken in this belief I am sorry, no offense to anyone but I just plain don't want to be apart of the military anyway.

With the amazing benefits the Navy offers it is extremely hard to turn away. My wife will be able to have part of her current student loans paid for by the Navy along with paying for most if not all of her future schooling. She will earn credits toward her degree, which she is almost done with, while working and training for her job. As I wrote in part 1 of this topic, the Navy is also extremely generous with their pay and benefits which would be a god send at the moment.

Now for the downside of this idea reality. She will be away a lot. It's not a matter of if, it's a matter of when she gets deployed she will be gone for months... According to the recruiter the average deployment is 6 to 9 months, that's a long time. I know that her joining the Navy is necessary for the future of our family but it's gonna be extremely hard but I'm trying to be positive. We will get through this and we will be better for it, but I may need you guys for support.

Friday, March 18, 2011

a different type of question

It seems like every time I look at a diaper related social medium someone brings up the all too talked about question: How long have you stayed in a wet/messy diaper? Now I understand that some people get completely turned on by wet/messy diapers, but i feel like that subject has been talked to death. One question that I have been interested in is How long have you gone WITHOUT diapers? If you think this has been talked to death as well I apologize, but I have personally not seen this question much if at all.

I ask this question because I am curious how infantilism effects you on a personal level. For me, this blog is an exploration into the subject of infantilism; into what it means, how it starts and where we go from here. I think most of you can agree that this is a very convoluted subject full of both complex ideals and distinctive interpretations. Because of all of this I am endlessly curious about how this fetish influence each and every one you.

Monday, March 14, 2011

diapers on tv

Over the years there have been many references to diaper wearing in the news and in TV shows and movies. Obviously not all of them have been positive, in fact I would say that most of the references have been negative. I have noticed three diaper references in two different TV shows over the past two weeks and I would say they have all been relatively positive.

The first reference was in the show Bob’s Burgers on FOX entitled “Sheesh! Cab, Bob?”<< In this episode the oldest daughter of the main character, Bob, wants a particular boy to go to her 13th birthday party. The father of this boy happens to be an enemy of Bob and won’t let the young boy attend. While working as a cab driver to make extra money, Bob learns that the father is a “diaper lover” and uses that against him so he will let his son go to the party.(note: the man is actually an adult baby by the way they describe him, but who's counting) Even though the episode includes the line “He’s what’s known as a diaper lover. You know what that is? It’s nasty.” It was still a relatively positive outlook on the fetish. I guarantee it got someone to Google “diaper lover” and that's what matters. Now, because of this episode, someone who had no idea what a diaper lover was now knows and maybe they finally have found a name for what they have been feeling for so long.

The second reference was an episode of Dexter on Showtime. Since this is a Showtime show, there is no URL to watch it online so you’re gonna have to take my word for it. The reference occurs in episode 7 of season 5 “Free to Kill You and Me”. In this episode, Deb, the sister of the main character, is preparing to go on a stakeout with her boss when her boyfriend calls. He asks what she is wearing tonight and she says “a diaper” because she is gonna have to sit in a van all night. This is definitely a positive reference to diaper wearing. It is shows that she, being a cop, has no problem with wearing a diaper on a stakeout. Of course there is no indication that she actually wore one but that’s not the point. The point is she acts as if it was normal.

The third reference is another one from Bob’s Burgers, the second in two weeks. It was from last night’s episode, Bed and Breakfast.<< Bob’s wife starts a bed and breakfast in her home and ends up with some interesting guests. An entomologist shows up to breed bugs in the bedroom, and a couple shows up who they discover is into bondage. The diaper reference comes later on the episode when they have a restaurant regular come to stay with them. He has a fear of costume characters and of course the youngest daughter hires a fox, raccoon, frog, owl, bear and a hippo just to torment him. The bear, interestingly, is dressed as an AB with a blue bonnet, paci, and white cloth diaper with a big pink pin. No one talked about the diaper but it was another reference to diapers on TV that didn't involve pedophiles or diaper flashing so it was a win in my book.

The last thing I want to say is something that really annoyed me. Last Sunday, when the first Bob’s Burgers episode I talked about aired, someone posted about it on a diaper forum and immediately they got responses simply saying Bob’s Burgers sucks. Now honestly if that’s all you have to say then you might as well say nothing. Who cares if someone enjoys a show and you hate it? If you don’t like it then don’t say anything. I personally welcome every show that references diapers. I don’t believe that all press is good press when it comes to diapers, but there is nothing wrong with the examples I gave. The only other one I would add is from an episode of Grey’s Anatomy from last season. It happens to be available for Hulu Plus so go check it out if you can, you won’t be disappointed.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

in the navy

So my wife and I went to the Navy recruiter last night looking for information. What information you might ask? Well then I would answer, wow you are thick...anyway, we went to the Navy recruiter to get information on joining the Navy. Well, information on my wife joining the Navy that is. If you are an avid reader of my blog then you already know that my wife and I are planning on moving to Hawaii in about 2 years. We have both been casually looking at jobs and houses on our island of choice and she has found a few possibilities. She is currently in school for biology and was originally going the way of the Veterinarian but has recently been more interested in marine biology. She has found a few Navy based jobs down in Hawaii and one thing lead to another and we found ourselves talking to a Navy recruiter last night.

Of course their website was incorrect on a number of specifics about joining and being in the Navy, I chock that up to, they will say anything online to get you in the door. But there was one very important fact that their website got wrong, the location of the recruitment office. So if anyone plans on going to the office in downtown Providence it doesn’t exist. After finding the location, and paying $10 for parking, we walked down the street to the building and up to the front door. What caught me off guard was the police officer standing outside but I figured it was just a government building or something. Once we opened the door we were ushered to an airport style metal detector.

I again chocked the heightened security to it being a government building and began to empty my pockets into the bins provided on the conveyor belt. Just as I was getting to my shoes, yes even the shoes had to come off, one of the security guards asked us where we were headed. "Military recruiter." My wife chimed in. "Oh, they all moved." Responded the guard. When we asked where to, he had no idea. So, their office moved so recently that they didn't have time to update the website, or maybe they were just too lazy to update it, and they have no documentation with the address written down on it? That's the first thing I would have done so I can answer that question effectively, but I’m just good at customer service I guess. Just then another security guard piped in with the general location, a shopping plaza off Atwells Ave which even Google doesn't know yet. So we set the GPS in our phones for that general area and ended up driving around the large, confusing, and poorly laid out shopping plaza for a bit before finally finding the office.

When we entered the building my first thought was, “Yeah this doesn't look new at all, must have been laziness.” My next thought was "Hey they have a PS2 in here?" It was true, on the right as you walked in there was a PS2 with a bunch of games piled on top sitting next to a roughly 40 inch LCD. How do I get this kind of job. We were quickly greeted and ushered to a couple of empty chairs in front of a desk. The Navy guy quickly got into his questioning about why we were thinking of the Navy and what her goals were. I applaud him for not seeming rehearsed, but he did start to get a bit trying when he kept asking us if we wanted to talk about certain subjects. We came in for information, just tell us information. The surprisingly unprofessional aspect of this whole experience was that not only did the other recruiter working there keep answering his cell phone even while talking to another prospect, but when not talking on the phone he was swinging his new golf clubs right next to me, but I digress.

The more the recruiter talked, the more uninterested I became, and I found out later that my wife felt the same way. And I definitely couldn’t stand to see her go on deployment for 6-7 months every 2 years. The only benefit that would have worked for us was the pay. The military in general is very generous with their pay and provides a stipend for food and housing.Other than that, then Navy doesn’t appeal to us and wouldn’t allow us to reach our goal of living in and raising a family in Hawaii. With that news, our original plan is back in full swing. I just need to convince my wife that we have to stop going out to eat all the time and save every penny.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

feeling better

Fortunately I have been feeling better lately. I'm still a bit on the depressed/stressed out stage but I'm back to wearing diapers so that's a plus :) For some reason I lose all interest in wearing diapers when I'm depressed, I mean really depressed. You would figure that since wearing gives me a sense of comfort and security that I would crave it in a situation like that but no. When I'm in that everything sucks state of mind all I want to do is be an adult. I don't want to think of myself as a baby and I almost get disgusted with my fetish desires.

I did diapered myself over the past two nights and I forgot how much I loved it! I forgot the feeling of the bulky padding between my legs and the soft inner core against my skin. I forgot how much I love it when my wife grabs my diaper or pats/playfully spanks my bottom. My only thing now is, do I want to wear again tonight? Do I want to make it 3 nights in a row? Will it be to much...I don't know. My wife tells me she is cool with it and her actions back up her words, the problem is me. Am I ok with it yet?

My wife came home about an hour early that night which happened to be before I diapered up. So needless to say, I didn't get to wear that night, but I did wear yesterday for a few hours before she came home so that made up for it.