Sunday, May 29, 2011

Abysitter: Tales From the Crib: Message

This is an excellent post about the ABDL community by Cwis, the owner of I enjoyed this post so much I felt compelled to link it here. Enjoy! Abysitter: Tales From the Crib: Message

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

something is wrong

ClosetDL: There must be something wrong with me. My wife said "You should go put on a diaper" and my response was "meh that's too much work right now"

Monday, May 16, 2011

clear thinking

Lately I have been actively listening to a fairly new age play podcast called The Big Little Podcast. Now I am planning on a full article about the show but I need to use them for an example right now.

In the scheme of things, I'm a fairly young guy, and by young I mean I'll be 27 next month. But because of my age I am still learning and I still enjoy learning. I spend hours upon hours every day researching everything from fetishes to entertainment news to computer tech to video games. I'm always trying to expand my mind and because of this my point of view changes and my opinion on things change. I am writing this because I have recently had a change of mind regarding my post about the adult baby episode of Taboo.

As I was listening to Episode 13 of The Big Little Podcast where they focused on age play in the media, my eyes were opened up to something. My core thoughts on the adult baby segment of Taboo haven't changed but my overall view on the episode has changed a bit. I still believe that this was one of the more positive representations of ABs because it is one of the few shows with no negative speak what so ever. But this show is not without its faults, and neither am I. I am sorry for completely missing the fact that he has underage people active on their site and therefore, I cannot support it.

I want my readers to know that I will be taking my time with future updates to flesh out my ideas fully before submitting them to the world. I want this site to be truthful and informative with a bit of entertainment thrown in. If you have any thoughts, questions or concerns please let me know.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

chill music

When I was in college I was under a lot of stress.  I wasn’t doing well at all in my first 2 years and I was also hiding my secret diaper fetish from my now ex girlfriend.  It was a rough time for me.  Back then I was HUGE into music.  There was rarely a time I can remember that I wasn’t listening to the radio, a CD, or a tape, way before I got my first mp3 player.  Back then music was therapeutic to me.  I was and still am a big Dave Matthews fan so whenever I needed a stress relief I popped in one of his CDs and chilled out.

Lately I have been wicked stressed out.  I have been dieting, and by dieting I mean eating less food, which has kept me a bit on edge with my wife and coworkers, due to what I assume is hypoglycemia because most of my family has it.  I also haven’t been feeling well due to a chronic disease I was diagnosed with about 2 years ago which required a permanent and drastic change in diet.  Unfortunately, after college, I went away from music in general.  It’s not that I don’t want to sit down and relax to a couple songs, it’s that I just can’t seem to find the time.  I have been sucked into TV shows that I HAVE to watch or they are automatically  deleted from my DVR.  And I can’t just watch them online, I know me, if I was to rely on that I wouldn’t watch anything.

What I’m getting at here is that I’ve been so overly stressed out lately and I’ve been worrying about my wife leaving for 8 weeks which leaves me alone on Christmas.  I need to get back into my chill out methods I found in high school and college.  I need to go home and pop in a Dave Matthews CD, lie back on the couch and chill.  But I can’t, because I have to watch a few more shows before they get deleted.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

mothers day

In honor of mothers day, I’m going to tell you a little story of my upbringing.

I used to think I had a rough childhood. Growing up I felt both overly loved and neglected at the same time. I used to wish I had different parents, I wished I grew up in my friends families or my cousins families. It wasn’t until I met my wife at 21 years old that I realized what I had. I wasn’t a victim of physical abuse, I was a victim of emotional abuse, but probably not what you’re thinking. I write this on mother’s day because it was my mother that was responsible for everything I’m going to write about. I barely talked with my dad unless we were working together, and even then it was only about work.

I wasn’t told I was stupid all my life and I wasn’t yelled at or swore at on a regular basis. But growing up my mother always told me that I was perfect.  I was told that I could do anything I wanted in life and that nothing could stop me. This doesn’t sound all that bad until you realize that you’re not perfect, and you can’t do anything. Hell I could barely barely pass school. Now I don’t mean I was an idiot, I actually have an extremely high IQ, but that just means I can figure things out easily, I have taught myself almost everything I know.

My sister actually lashed out at my mother over this a few years ago. She said it was my mother’s fault for getting her hopes up, by telling her she was perfect and that she could do anything just as she told me. You see, when you are told this at a young and very impressionable age you actually believe it. This in turn sets you up for major disappointment later in life. When you finally realize that your mother was lying to you during your entire life to make you feel better about yourself, everything comes crashing down.  I went through severe depression in elementary and high school in part because of my coming to terms with reality.

When I have kids I will be more realistic with them.  I’m not going to tell them they’re perfect every second of the day, but I’m going to support them and encourage them. I hope I’ll be a good parent, I’ll be better than my dad that’s for sure, but I guess I won’t know until that day comes.

Friday, May 6, 2011

featured site:

As many of you know, I had my first post-potty training experience with diapers a little more then 20 years ago.  It wasn't until I was in high school, 7 years later, that I discovered I wasn't alone.  I immediately spent every chance I could researching diapers, diaper lovers and the websites pertaining to them.  And now, a full 20 years since I strapped on my first diaper, I have seen the rise and fall of many great websites and blogs which leads me into a new segment I am starting today, featured sites.

My first featured site is  This blog is run by a wonderful AB named Cwis who started Abysitter back in late 2008 as a way to "describe growing up but being stuck in the Terrible Twos."  He's shared many stories of the nearly 100 different people he has diapered, yeah you read that right, and they're all as interesting as you could imagine.  He has also been writing a real life account of growing up with a diaper fetish, which happens to be what brought me to his site.

I was perusing the babyfur website of a friend of mine when I found a link to Cwis' site where he had just posted an update to his "Growing Up: The Cottage" series which I highly recommend.  I quickly searched for and read through the first installment, he's now up to chapter 8 by the way, and I was hooked.  I spent the next couple hours reading, from the beginning, every post he wrote and I have been keeping up to date ever since.

Cwis' blog is definitely a good choice for those of you interested in real life accounts of his exploits as an abysitter including many pictures of diapered guys, who are even hot to a straight DL like me.  And if you are ever in the Orlando, FL area, he is available for some abysitting sessions, just hit him up for more details,  If you are a blogger, writer, or just have an interesting story to tell, he also welcomes guest writers with open arms.  Please email him for more details on that as well.

Links to check out:
Cwis's blog: