Wednesday, July 30, 2014

a second diapered camp fire

Before you read continue, I'd suggest reading the previous post, a diapered camp fire. This will be an extension of that post.

So we had another fire outside the other day. We were toasting marshmallows and making s'mores, and I had a couple beers. It was a good time with much relaxing.

Inevitably, if you have anything to drink, you'll have to make a trip to the bathroom. Since I wasn't diapered, I stood up and said "I have to pee, I'll be back."

My wife looked up at me, smiled, and said "Why don't you go put a diaper on, I know you want to."

Now, she has told me to diaper up many times in the past. She frequently does it in the bedroom, and she has walked out into the living room holding a diaper and powder exclaiming "Strip!" This was different. She has never told me to put a diaper on instead of going to use the bathroom.

Of course I complied with her suggestion. She never said anything about it for the rest of the night, and I never brought it up again. I was only slightly wet by bedtime so I changed before my shower the next morning.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

a diapered camp fire

Well I had a very interesting 4th of July with the wife. We had planned on taking our daughter out to see the fireworks downtown, but decided to be lazy and stay in. It would have been hours past her bedtime anyway, so we felt it easier to stay home, have a fire out back, and enjoy each others company. Turns out you can just see the fireworks from our house!

Anyway, I hadn't been diapered all day, so while my wife was lighting the fire, I went inside and diapered up. I came back out with all the essentials for an evening of campfire fun. We had marshmallows, gram crackers, chocolate bars, poking sticks, and beer. We talked about all sorts of things during the night and, after a couple beers, I had to pee.

Now when I told my wife about my diaper fetish years ago, she clearly said she didn't want me to use a diaper around her, and she didn't want to see used diapers in the house. That was fine by me because I enjoyed just lounging around in a clean diaper anyway. I still would occasionally wet when she wasn't home though, which was fine with me.

Just about that time, my wife said she had to pee and was going inside, I said I had to as well, but I was in the middle of making a s'more so couldn't go in. When she came back I stood up and said "Well I guess I have to do the same."

My wife looked at me and said, "Well, you're wearing one of your thingies so..."

There was a brief pause. "I am aren't I." I replied, and sat back down.

My mind was racing at this point. She has joked about me wetting, or my diaper being full, in the past, but she has never told me to wet it. I started imagining what would happen next. Would she bring it up again? Would she notice my wet diaper waddle? Would she smack my butt as I walked by her later (she frequently does that), feel the dampness and comment on it? Would she offer to change me later?

I had so many questions, and my diaper was slowly growing heavier.

By the end of the night I was significantly wet, but not very tired. She was tired, and was going to bed. I spoke up saying, "Yeah I need to get changed, so I'll follow you in." She said nothing in reply.

She climbed into bed and I kissed her good night. I grabbed a new diaper and baby powder from the closet on my way out. I changed on the couch that night, but I still count it as a win in my book.

Monday, July 14, 2014

new bambino diapers review

The new Bambino diapers are finally here! I have to admit, I was sweating it out for a bit there. Now that I have a toddler, I don't get time to wear as often as I'd like, but I was down to my last 3 Bambino Biancos when they announced they would be shipping around July 4th. I placed my order within hours of the update and received my case of new Biancos last week. Over the weekend I was able to do a side by side comparison between the previous design, from August 2013, and the most recent design, shipping July 2014. 


My first impressions of the diapers are quite good. The most significant change I felt was the plastic backing. They went with a less crinkly and less stiff plastic for the outer shell of the diaper. They are still by no means quiet, but they are significantly softer and much less crinkly (and more stealthy) then previous versions.

I love this new style for one very good reason. With the previous version, the bottom tapes would pull and the plastic backing causing it to bunch up and eventually start cutting into my skin. I never bled over it, but it could get extremely uncomfortable with prolonged wearing, unless I fiddled with the tapes.

The tapes seemed a bit more sticky as well, I almost ripped one in half trying to take it off. They do still have the plastic tape landing zone as well.

The Bianco, at least, did feel a tiny bit smaller than before. It still fit well, but it was ever so slightly smaller (roughly half an inch smaller length wise).

new core

I wore for a few hours before wetting that night, wore overnight, then practically flooded it in the morning before changing. I never had one hint of a leak during this ordeal. Their website mentions a newly redesigned core, which feels a bit softer to the touch. The new design does in fact disperse liquid more efficiently, as they claim. I could see the discoloration riding up the back much more than with previous designs. In the past it would just pool at the bottom and eventually leak more often than not.

I didn't notice any bunching up of the innards, but I would like another long diapered session without wetting to see for myself.


Overall, this is an excellent improvement! The tapes are a little bit better, the new softer, quieter plastic backing is a welcome change, and the core has been improved.

The best thing I can say about the new design is, I'm a bit sad that I still have to use up my remaining stash of the old design.

update 7/15/14

I wore one last night for a few hours before bed, then all through the night. I didn't actually use it though, to test how it handled prolonged dry conditions. It did surprisingly well! There was significantly less bunching of the core compared to previous versions, as they claim on their website. There was also no tearing of the core either, also as they claim to have fixed.

I did notice one thing I was very surprised about though. I told you above that the new plastic is rather quiet, and soft to the touch. What hit me this morning, as I got out of bed, was just how quiet it became over night. It was almost completely silent this morning after I got up and walked around for a bit. This seemed to only happen with a dry diaper after being worn for a long time, as the wet one I tried first didn't get much quieter over night.

This may be a negative to a lot of people, but I didn't mind. I almost couldn't believe it was true. I moved around and stretched a lot trying to make it crinkle, and it was amazingly quiet. 

Thursday, July 10, 2014

a quick rant followed by new bambinos

Well I'm still trying to get back. I feel bad that it's been gone this long and I feel like I've lot a ton of readers because all the sites I'm registered with have my now unusable .com address. I know when I was searching for blogs to read, when I clicked on a link and it was invalid, I moved on. And I can't seem to find any help online. I'm not even registered with the site that holds my URL, and I'm not registered with the google admin panel, which I apparently had to be to get the URL in the first place. I can't access the admin help page without logging in, which is my problem in the first place, and I can't find anything close to my issue on the google help pages...

Sorry for the rant. I'm not the happiest person about this issue.

In other news

My new Bambinos arrived yesterday! Just in time too, I only have 3 of my last case left. I should be able to try them out this weekend and let you all know how the newly redesigned core is in comparison to the previous one. Their website says the new design "increases the dispersion of urine while maximizing the function of the diaper greatly enhances its comfort." I'm also looking forward to the increased resistance of the core from tearing or bunching, both of which happen to me every time I wear them. Of course that would be because I don't often wet them. In fact I usually don't since my wife isn't too keen on the idea.

That brings me to a very interesting development on the subject of wetting my diapers in front of my wife. But, I'll leave that for a future update... DUN DUN DUN