Tuesday, February 8, 2011

employee of the year

So I'm writing to you guys today to get something off my chest. I have been working at my current job for just under 4 years, and in those 4 years my job has expanded far beyond what I was hired for. I really don't mind the extra work, it has made my job a lot more interesting, but this extra work comes with little to no recognition. I understand that I shouldn't expect and recognition for what I do, but for some reason beyond my comprehension I care about what others think of me. I really strive for acceptance and acknowledgment.

What set me off today was losing the employee of the year award. I have spent the past 4 years working my ass off to prove myself to my boss and fellow employees. I feel like I have gotten no recognition for my efforts. I may have won employee of the month 3 times in the past 4 years (you can only win once a year) but it's just a popularity contest. I can prove this since not only have I lost to complete incompetent fools, but in my busiest, most successful, and in the year I took on the most extra responsibility, I did not win employee of the month once. Our GM, who announces the winner, even talked about how much work I've taken on and how great I have been but said in front of everyone that it just wasn't my month.

I really thought this year was my year however. There has been some tough competition the past 3 times I was eligible for employee of the year. I understand why I lost the first time, I had only been there for about 7 months, but I thought I had it this year. They ended up giving it to a friend of mine who had already won a couple years ago. I actually had a talk with the GM just 2 months ago about how I don't feel appreciated around the office. I feel like I am being taken advantage of and I mentioned the girl who won this year. They dumped some of her busy work on me and I definitely didn't appreciate it.

I'm sorry to vent here but I am not really in a great mood right now and I really needed to get everything off my chest. I say this every time I lose employee of the month or employee of the year, but I've had enough. It's hard to care about your job when you get no recognition and you lose employee of the month to a total moron who works in the dining room, or an idiot who you find yapping away on his cell phone in the bathroom almost every day. After going above and beyond the call of duty as much as possible for the past 4 years and getting no acknowledgment, why should I?


  1. I remember when they introduced Employee of the Month at my old job, and I was the first winner. All of my coworkers were happy for me, and one said it was symbolic that I'd won since it was basically Emoloyee of the Month(s) since we'd never had it before. Then, a supervisor who'd overheard that... a guy who regularly stole my ideas and passed them off as his own (so much that sometimes people thought ideas that were actually his must be mine lol), he went to them and complained about being "overlooked". Don't you know that they "backdated" an award and gave it to him for the month before mine?

    The moral of my story, and yours, is that recognition is nice, but it doesn't matter much when it comes to awards like these... they give them to complete idiots as often as to people who deserve them. I'm just glad we're not on the 'complete idiot' side.

  2. Wow. I am furious for you, dude. That would piss me off so much! My advice to you is that you should try to find a new job, perhaps doing the same thing for a rival company? Clearly you are great at your job and if your workplace doesn't appreciate it maybe the rival would, ya know?

    I find it very suspicous that the male GM gave the EOTY to a female and when you said something he dumped some of HER workload on you. VERY suspcious, if you catch my drift.

    Well, I'm glad you finally wrote another blog but I wish it had been on a happier note. Try to have a good day, dude.

  3. Thanks Cwis. It has been a topic of much debate at work whether or not they should even do it. We'll see what happens, but thank you for the comments!