Wednesday, October 31, 2012

october 2012

Wow this has been quite a busy and emotional month. Where to start...

I was offered a new position at my job a few weeks ago. I am super excited for this job because it gets me back into an office job and working a much more stable schedule. It also is my first professional job in the media field and my first management position. I went to school for TV studio production so to finally have a job where I will be shooting and editing videos is amazing! I basically get paid a regular salary to be creative!

The biggest thing about my new position is the hours. The job I was hired for a couple months ago was a night position, which meant long nights and almost no time to see my wife. I basically woke up around noon, got to work about 2 PM and stayed there until everything was done. I had many 10, 12 and some 14 hour nights that were physically and emotionally draining to say the least. I basically had no time to spend with my wife and almost no time to myself. But hopefully that will all be over since I'm back into a 9-5 type of job.

Next October event: We just got back from a weekend trip up Universal Studios Hollywood! My wife and I met working at Universal Studios so it's always going to be a special place for us. This year we went to Halloween Horror Nights which, if you aren't aware, is when they setup various haunted mazes around the park for you to walk through. They also setup scare zones around the park so as you're walking through smoke filled sections of the park creatures jump out and try and scare you, or they could creepily follow you around... Anyway, the whole night is all about getting scared and marveling at the movie quality sets and makeup. They do it every weekend in October so I highly recommend making the trip next year if you're a big Halloween buff.

Some more stuff happened to me this month that I'm not prepared to talk about yet but soon enough.

Oh yeah, Happy Halloween!


  1. I am happy you have a better job now and can see your wife more. I was in for 14 years and miss it badly, cherish every moment you have with your wife, to many of my friends have lost friends and family not having spent that time together, keep it close to your heart always.
    Jack Kramer