Wednesday, June 18, 2014


So today marks day one of my biggest project of the year. I've spend months preparing for this and it's finally time to start...

Generating peak files...

We'll since it'll be doing that forever...

How have things been blogger world?

I've been quite busy lately and, have hit a couple milestones recently. I had a two-fer this month as I became the father of a one year old and, I turned 30 at the same time! Go me!

You know, I don't feel any older. Of course I've been saying that for every birthday since I was little, but I really thought I would feel differently this time. This seems like more of a milestone than previous ones I've experienced. I'm no longer a 20 something DL, as it says on a good portion of my ABDL website profiles.

That's funny about the passage of time; time never stops. Time will continue to pass no matter what happens. You will continue to get older and, there's nothing you can do about it.

That sounded more ominous than I wanted it to. This isn't something to be feared. It's something to be embraced. You won't get out of this life alive so, make the most of your time.

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