Monday, April 20, 2015

goodbye to a friend

I just said goodbye to my best friend. Thankfully he didn't pass away, but he is moving about 5,800 miles away from where I currently live. We met about 13 years ago. He, who I'll call S, was a friend of a friend in college. We met up at a mall near home and, me being me, I started playing with some toy trains at a kiosk outside of a Victoria's Secret. S quickly joined in, and I knew we had a connection.

It wasn't too long until we started hangout together, without our mutual friend, who I shall call J. J got very upset that we didn't include him in our hang out time, and would frequently hold pity parties with our other friends. Over the next couple years S and I both had individual falling outs with J, and neither of us talk to him anymore.

If you weren't sure, S is my best friend who I told all about my abdl side a couple years ago. He is one of only 3 vanilla people who I've told and there aren't many more people who I'd consider letting into my little world. We have a really good connection, and I'm sad to see him go. I hope we can keep up our communication and online gaming, but with a 9 hour difference it'll be difficult. 

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