Tuesday, November 9, 2010

diaper boundaries

I get a considerable amount of flak every time I get pulled into a conversation about wearing diapers outside of the comforts of the home. It is simply not my thing. I mean no offense to anyone who wears diapers out in public under their clothes, as long as your not walking around showing your diapers to non-infantilists.

Diapers for me are very personal. Putting on a diaper is a source of comfort and relaxation that I can't find anywhere else. I am not, however, an Adult Baby, an AB to use proper abbreviations. I don't want to be a baby, I don't want to suck a bottle or eat baby food or be treated like a 1 year old. I don't like saying I regress, but my regression age would be 6. That's not quite the age this all started but it's the age at which I discovered diapers for the first time. I'll write more on that subject in a future post.

I greatly enjoy just hanging out playing video games or watching TV, I do like watching kids shows especially late 80's and early 90's shows but their hard to come by. I definitely don't shy away from using my diapers for their intended purpose. Whenever I'm diapered my brain goes into diapered mode and I can freely wet them without thinking sometimes which is almost always cool. The exception to that would be when I'm diapered around my wife. She is fine with me wearing around the house but when I told her about my fetish we made an agreement that she is not to see me in a dirty diaper. I am of course free to do whatever I want when she is out of the house which is perfectly fair and I take advantage of it.


  1. I wear mine under my clothes when i am by myself out running errands but they don't show and not trying to get noticed wearing a diaper. If someone has noticed, they don't say anything probably because they think u have to wear them.

  2. @WayneDL Which is fine of course. I just hate it when people go out trying to get noticed, ie exposing themselves to minors and the like. It gives us a bad name.