Monday, November 8, 2010

diaper jay

The following is one of my getting caught stories. I was about 17 years old, after getting my license I started buying Depend diapers at the local pharmacy(that’s all they sold and I didn’t know any better). I used to hide them in a draw under my bed which could only open about 6 inches before hitting my desk so I naively thought it would be secure enough. Also, my younger sister didn’t have her own computer at the time so she would frequently use mine which leads me to the meat of the story.

I was out one day when my sister and her friend were in my room using my computer so I don’t know exactly what happened but I heard about it that night at a youth group meeting we attended regularly. I was one of the older people there, that’s not to say I was the only person my age, and my sister(4 years younger) was one of the youngest. She had her group of friends and I had mine but we hung out with a couple of the same people. I heard some snickering coming from her group of friends and I could tell it was directed toward me, and I wasn't just being paranoid, it was obvious they were talking about me. Then the name calling started.

One of our “friends” started making references to pampers and diapers loudly around me, then he started asking me if I needed any or if he could borrow some for his younger brother while all his friends just laughed at it/me. I thought my life was over. I figured everyone knew about my affinity for diapers and that was it. Then they even started bringing people outside to tell them what my sister and her friend found in my room.

Another kid who we were both friends with, was actually sticking up for me saying he didn’t believe it and that they shouldn’t be spreading rumors about me. My own group friends refused to believe it and many of them refused to be told what the rumors even were. They were true friends, and I say “were” because none of us talk anymore sad to say. My sister’s group of friends, one kid in particular, started calling me “Diaper Jay” and he did so for the next couple weeks before he finally lost interest. My ex girlfriend, who I was still friends with at that time, pulled me aside that first night after I left the meeting and said she wanted to talk about it, I told her we could talk later since I was going out with a few people, I never did have that conversation with her and to this day I still wonder what she would have said.

There have been a few instances since that night that it was brought up but I'll save that for another time.


  1. I kinda had a moment like that. I was caught by a friend and stuff