Thursday, September 1, 2011


God I hate money. You never have enough when you need it and if you have too much (ie lottery winners) everyone wants it. If you have been keeping up with my irregular blog posting then you already know that money is tight right now. My wife lost her job almost a month ago and with no unemployment yet, and that's not looking good either, the money is draining quite rapidly from our bank account.

So I come in today, knowing that next week is slow, and my boss hits me with this: "It looks like you have Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday off."

That's 5 days people! 5 days with no pay is not going to cut it in this world. 

He then responds with "Well after that I have enough budget to put you on for 9 days straight but I know you need a day or two off to recover so let me know what you want."

"Well," I replied "I really don't have the luxury to take days off anymore so I'll take whatever hours I can."

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not telling you all this to get pity, I'm no pity party seeker.  I am telling you all this so you will bear with me and my lack of posting. Having little/no work is really doing a number on my mood and growing level of depression and it leaves me with little motivation to do anything, not to mention blogging, twittering or chatting. So if you will bear with me I will get through this and I will come out stronger in the end, at least that's what everyone tells me.


  1. I feel ya 100%. My wife has been out for almost 2 months on maternity leeve we have tightened our belts so far we ran out of holes...

  2. Yeah I know what you mean. I wish you well with your situation. I hope you find a resolution soon.

  3. these are scary times! I feel for ya man! I know how the budget crisis goes. My wife is a school teacher and during the summer when we go basically on just my salary (which is much lower than hers) needless to say...the mortgage barely gets paid.

    I hope things start looking up man.

  4. Thank you! You guys must be doing better now though since school is back up right?