Saturday, December 3, 2011

thanksgiving week part 2

So I got home the other night from an amazing week in DC and I know what you are all thinking of. I did tell my friend...everything. On Wednesday night we had plans to head into Baltimore to attend Drag Bingo at a local gay bar. Oh boy.

So we figured on dinner first of course, you can't go through a night of drinking with an empty tummy. About half way there we finally decide on Rocket to Venus which was a rather unique place yet I can't really describe why. The service was rather slow which allowed us to talk quite a bit. I said how it's been rather boring at home with my wife gone and I was a bit jealous at how easy it is for him, a gay man, to just go to a bar and meet other guys. Straight guys can't really do that unfortunately.

He says that I should find a local group of people who like the same things I do and meet them. You can probably tell where my mind jumped at the statement. After a minute of thinking I told him that I have found a group of people who are into similar things that I am (the littles munch). To which he says "Well throw a party!"

I then had to explain the level of anonymity the ABDL community has while being as vague as possible. I wanted to tell him the truth but I didn't want to do it right before a night out, especially a night with as much promise as Drag Bingo. He, of course, got very curious because of my ridiculous level of vagueness but I was able to convince him to talk about it later. His response was "You know I won't forget about it later right?"

So we went through the Drag Bingo, which was one of the mist fun things I did in a while, and not 5 minutes after we got back to his car he spurts out "So about this thing you mentioned." My heart sank. I knew this time was coming and you could say I wanted this time to come but when it actually came...if you have ever told anyone about this fetish then you know what I went through. I was nervous, scared, terrified even, but I had to do it.

It was an hour long ride home and I knew it. I knew I had plenty of time to stumble through my words and repeat myself, which I did. I told him about being a DL, about this blog and my twitter. I tried to explain why it took me so long to tell him. And by the time we got back to his place everything was alright. He said that this doesn't change who I am or our friendship. We spent about 30 minutes talking more openly about each other. One thing he said that made me laugh was he wished I had a transcript of all the questions and answers my wife and I went over when I told her. She came to me with a full type written page of questions after doing a day of research. That was funny to me because I wish I had that page of questions she wrote but she deleted it after our conversation.

As I expected he was fine with everything. He also said he wished I told him sooner which I kind of expected. I wish I told him sooner and I will forever wonder what could have been if I told him years ago. Just the fact that he is accepting is more than enough though and I can't wait until he comes up here to visit for Christmas!

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