Saturday, April 28, 2012

that's a lot of people

I'm a bit surprised at how this blog has progressed. Thinking back to a year and a half ago when I started planning this blog, I wanted to write something for me that would help me work through these feelings and figure out how I came to be and where my life was heading. I quickly discovered that many other people are interested in that as well. Now as I approach 61,000 views I am grateful to have had the opportunity to touch many of you and help you through rough times.

You guys rock, all 61,000 of you! Well that's probably not quite right, I like to think there's at least thousands of you out there who check my blog on a weekly basis... It's probably just one guy checking the blog around 100 sum odd times a day, but that's ok!

I've heard from people whose lives I have touched and I am forever grateful. If this was to be my last post, this whole blogging experience would be a fond memory. I know you all would miss me if I left, or at least that one person who keeps refreshing over and over again, but I would miss you too! I'm looking forward to seeing another 60,000 views and hopefully some more comments as well.

So I'm going to go out tonight to watch the Red Sox and I'll raise a drink to all of you awesome people. Thank you for being you, and thank you for stopping by!