Wednesday, February 13, 2013

little circle of trust

Life has been crazy lately. Our baby is growing and, thankfully, my wife is more than half way through the pregnancy and is feeling much better over all. My job has been crazy and super stressful lately which has led to a much higher than normal craving for diaper time, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. Of course, joking about diapers all weekend with my best friend didn't help either, which leads me to today's topic.

Last Thursday morning one of my best friends came down from the east coast for a long weekend. If you are keeping score, this is the friend who I told all about my DL side a year ago on Thanksgiving. Wow I just realized how long it's been... Was it really that long...?

Yeah, so anyway. I took a 4 day weekend and picked him up Thursday morning. It only took until Friday for the diaper references and jokes to come out. Honestly, I loved every minute of it. It feels great to have people in my life who I can be completely open with. Sometimes I wish there were more than just 3 people, but there isn't anyone else right now who I feel should know. Or maybe I should say,there isn't anyone else who would take it well and not break our friendship.

I guess you could say, you don't really know what would happen without just doing it and, while that is true, some bit of strategic planning is necessary. I definitely can't just go tell everyone because there will be negative reactions, and it will affect my life and my growing family. I will say though, it does feel easier and I feel more confident opening my self up to others. I may meet someone in the future who I want to bring into my little circle of trust but, as for now, I can't think of anyone else.


  1. I understand you. I have no friends who know about my diapers. It feels so lonely, somtimes. i cannot even tell my wife for the reasons you outline above.


  2. I'm sorry you're in that position. I still regret waiting so long to tell my wife but, it has been so worth it.

  3. Hey I was just wondering did you ever see that Dr Phil segment with the adult baby on the show talking about it the segment is called unusual syndromes and fears,if so what was your opinion on it

    1. I did see that segment. It was interesting to see Dr. Phil lay off the AB and focus on the girlfriend. He basically said the AB will not change, but you don't have to be part of it. It's an interesting take on the ABDL lifestyle that I haven't heard in the media before.