Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Our friend finally left today! You may be able to tell that I am a bit excited. Now, don't get me wrong, he's a good friend but, we quickly discovered that we can't live with him. Basically, he reminds us of our old roommate. Starting at about day 3 of his 5 day stay he sat on the couch and never got up. He played my Xbox all day and didn't really pay attention to us. At least we were able to get him out of the house a couple times to eat.

My wife and I wonder how we ever found each other. For both of us, any one of our friends becomes incredibly annoying after a short period of time. For instance, we've had a few friends over for parties and such and, after a few hours, can't wait for them to leave. We got sick of our roommates in Florida and Rhode Island. The my RI roommates were really good friends of mine too, let's just say we haven't spoke in almost 3 years now. My wife and I are generally surprised that after over 7 years together, my wife and I never got sick of each other.

Well I didn't really want to spend the entire post complaining about friends and past roommates but, I guess I did.

Oh wait, one big thing about our friend finally leaving is that I get to pad up again! I was already in the middle of a big diaper craving for some reason and adding the stress of a big project at work to the mix was all sorts of bad. With my friend over I couldn't diaper up so there was no release. At least now I can find some time to relax over the next couple days and hopefully this work project will finally come to fruition. 

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