Wednesday, March 6, 2013

an amazing adventure

It still amazes and slightly scares me that I will soon be a father.

Sometimes I wish I could write one sentence blog posts sometimes because my mind is so amazed by what the future holds, that I have no idea what to say.
I've always wanted a family. That probably stems from growing up in a wonderful and loving home with two parents who barely ever fought, and who are still married almost 30 years later. This of course does fly in the face of what a lot of people claim to be the cause of my affinity for diapers. I have always done things my own way though, so I'm not surprised, not to mention how it's all speculation anyway.

So at this stage in the game, we have a crib/changing table and dresser built and in place in the baby's room. Seeing all of that was a big thing for me. Obviously I knew my wife was pregnant and she was showing a bit at that point, but to see the furniture in the room was awesome. There was finally a material connection between us and our baby. Now we have a stroller and clothes and other odds and ends scattered throughout the house that I can't wait to use! I can't wait to meet our baby and take her out on walks and show her the world.

We're over half way to the start of an amazing adventure that I can't wait to begin!

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