Monday, August 4, 2014

a soggy diaper conversation

Well, not days after I wrote the previous 2 diapered camp fire posts, this happened.

My wife escaped the living room for a minute quickly as we were watching youtube. I yelled to her asking if she wanted me to pause the show, but there was no answer. After a couple minutes she emerged moving quickly in my direction. She was now sans her pants, and plus one diaper. I don't even remember the last time she wore one. And it's been over a year since she put on on herself.

Needless to say, she had other things on her mind. And now that she was on top of me in that diaper, I had certain things on my mind too.

We made out on the couch for a couple minutes before moving quickly to the living room. But what was said on the way is the reason I wrote this post. She stopped before we got to the hallway and said, "You can wet your diapers around me you know, I don't care."

That was probably the last thing I ever expected to hear from her. "Oh yeah?" was all I could manage.

She quickly replied, "It was little weird for me at first, but I don't care anymore."

That statement basically sums up her entire experience with this side of me. It came as a total shock to her, and she struggled, to say the least, to come to grips with it. As time has moved on, she has accepted me for who I am. A feat to which I can never be too grateful.

You know, this isn't even about wetting a diaper. I don't want anyone to think I am just being selfish here. I am perfectly happy with the way things are or were. I never even brought up the fact after that first night. In fact, even after this conversation, I still don't usually do it anyway. 

I am forever grateful for her continued acceptance, but I'm not here to push this lifestyle on her. If she wants to do something or push something further, that's her call, and I like it that way. 


  1. Thats good that she dont care about it any more. Maybe she starting to change your wet diapers soon.