Thursday, April 28, 2016

mother. in. law. in. town. day 1

She's here.

Thankfully I was working. I was actually driving to work while my wife was driving to the airport to pick her up. Now I don't hate my mother-in-law (MiL), but man can she be annoying. She is like a 2 year old, and not in a good way. She's extremely selfish and childish and you'd think the world revolves around her.

Day 1 was pretty easy. I got home from work around 8, the kids were already in bed and my wife was still at school. My MiL was watching TV with my parents in the living room. I gave my MiL a hug and welcomed her, and she proceeded to tell me she was "really proud" of me. I didn't know what to say, especially since this was seemingly out of the blue, "Oh, well thank you." I replied with a smile. She didn't respond. What on earth was she thinking? Why is she smiling so strangely? She was smiling while slowly turning her head back toward the TV. She stopped briefly to stare off in the distance before locking on the Red Sox game we were watching.

I'm gonna need a beer, I thought to myself.

After grabbing a beer my wife got home and the three of us went down stairs to my parents finished off basement to hang out.

My family and I basically took over the basement. My parents have 2 refrigerators, a pool table, 2 couches, a big screen TV (yes big screen, not HD. It's a 65 inch square that weighs like 1000 pounds.), and a full bathroom. We moved our couch down there along with our old 46 inch HD TV, sitting in front of my parents big screen, and my whole speaker system. I have a pretty good system I've pieced together as I could afford things.

My MiL didn't immediately follow us down, and my wife started homework, so I booted up my Xbox One and played a bit of Rocket League (I fucking love this game). My MiL eventually started watching me for a bit before sitting on her air mattress behind our couch and typing away on her massive ipad. Not sure which version it is, but she's one of those people who will get the latest and greatest when it's released just because. She's not remotely tech savvy, she just hears there's a better version and has to upgrade, but she couldn't even tell you what the difference is.

I eventually couldn't listen to the typing anymore and went up to bed. I diapered up and considered myself lucky that no issue came up today.

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