Thursday, April 28, 2016

mother. in. law. in. town. day 2

An unusual phone call.

This morning was rather uneventful. It was actually nice to have my mother-in law (MiL) around to help entertain the kids so they don't get themselves in trouble. I left for work around 930am and that was that.

I din't hear anything from home during the day, but I got what should have been unusual phone call on the ride home, but it was all too familiar with my MiL around.

Soon after I got on the highway in Boston my mother called me. The call started with the usual pleasantries, where are you (she also works in Boston but takes the train half way home), how's traffic, good luck driving because it's a parking lot around here. There was a slight pause in the conversation, you know the pause where someone should say goodbye now but they don't, so you awkwardly wait for something to happen. The worst is when one person startes saying "Well I should get going now..." right as the person on the other line starts asking you a new question, hoping to keep you on the line a little longer, but I digress.

After a brief pause my mother asks "So is everything ok with (your wife) and (your MiL)?"

Oh god I thought, it begins. "Umm, yeah as far as I know. Why? What's up?" Hoping it's nothing major. I always hate walking into a fight that I know nothing of. Believe me, I've done that way too much in my life since I met my MiL.

"Oh nothing really," THANK GOD "she's just TMI all the time, you know?" That's a really good way to describe her actually. Why didn't I think of that.

"Yeah everything is ok I think. I haven't heard anything from (my wife) all day." I replied, trying to make myself feel better about my inevitable bad time.

The inflection in my mother's voice worried me. I felt like there was something she wasn't telling me and I was going to walk into a shit storm when I got home.

I pulled in the driveway as my nanny was pulling out. I was glad to know my kids were asleep. I love my kids and I miss them when I'm working all day, but it's nice not to have that added responsibility sometimes. I know my fellow parents can attest to that. I had a lot on my mind as I entered the house. What could have happened today? What will I walk into? What crazy TMI was my MiL sharing today?

I walked in, greeted everyone, and quickly went up stairs to change. Since I wear a suit and tie to work everyday, I wanted to be in comfortable clothes to face the shit sandwich I was about to be fed.

Well I wasn't fed a shit sandwich. I was fed left over Chinese food while we discussed the so so quality, lack of boneless spare ribs, and too high a price. My wife came home in the middle of this discussion and stated she had a ton of homework to do, but wanted to play a round of a new card game we just got, Funemployed, before she started.

That's an excellent idea! I thought to myself. The last thing we need to do is sit around and discuss whatever happened that my mom was worried about.

We all went down stairs and laid out the game. It's a great game, if you haven't heard of it. It's very similar to another game we play called Snake Oil. Anyway, each person takes a turn being a hiring manager and draws a job card. The other players have to chose 3 of their qualification cards, from their hand, and play them as their best qualifications for this position. Of course these are more detrimental than beneficial in some cases, and I'll link you a video of a hysterical playthrough here.

So we played this game for at least 90 minutes and it was hilarious! Bonus: turns out my wife has no idea what my mother was talking about. She is no more weird than normal. Yay...i guess.

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