Monday, May 2, 2016

mother. in. law. in. town. day 4

No padding is sexy now

Thankfully it's Friday. I went in super early this morning and got out at 1pm. I ended up meeting my wife, kids and mother-in-law (MiL) at a Japanese restaurant near the local mall. This would have been a great time for a late lunch, but I had already eaten at work before I left. I work in a hotel in Boston so I get free food every day. I wouldn't pass up the amazing chicken parmesan they make.

The restaurant we went to was one of those hot pot restaurants where you order a large bowl of broth and a bunch of raw ingredients. You then cook the ingredients in the broth on a stove top burner in the center of your table. It makes this amazing soup/stew concoction that always tastes amazing.

Anyway, after lunch we spent a few hours walking around the mall. My wife needed some new clothes, my kids needed new shoes, and we wanted to get ideas for my oldest's 3rd birthday in a month. Speaking of my oldest daughter, she is adorable, and very smart. She also can navigate an escalator without hesitation or help. She doesn't, however, quite understand that escalators only go in one direction. Well, she might understand now after I spent what felt like 5 minutes explaining it to her at the mall.

See, the down escalator was broken, insert Mitch Hedberg joke here, so after we rode the escalator up to the second floor, my daughter decided she had to go back and see her mommy immediately. Since she didn't quite grasp the idea that an escalator was a bit different than a regular set of stairs, she proceeded to turn right around and try to go down the up side. I had to drag her away kicking and screaming as she tripped trying to get her feet on the moving stairs. It took a few minutes of explaining, but she finally agreed to go with me to find a working down escalator or elevator. Some day later I'll tell her about adolescent daddy who used to run up and down the opposite side of the mall escalator with his friends. Best not mention it now.

We eventually found my wife and MiL and found our way to Victoria's Secret where I saw this new promo in the store window. I can't say it's not correct, but hey padding is definitely sexy!

After leaving the mall, our afternoon was fairly uneventful and there was no talk of last night's events. My MiL did mention that she has my birthday present to give to me early because she won't be around for my actual birthday. So that should be pretty good. She's a good present giver.

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