Tuesday, December 21, 2010

quick takes: intro

What I would like to do here is write down a collection of short stories that I have stuck in my head, some of them true while others are just made up. For as long as I can remember I have been making up stories in my head. Back when I was just a kid I became a Ninja Turtle, a Ghostbuster, an army guy or even Mario from Super Mario Brothers, and I fought evil in my backyard. As I grew up it was all about Sci Fi. I come from a very religious family which meant going to mass every Sunday and randomly during the week with my school. to cope with the boring services I created stories in my head, usually involving a war of some sort, that would play out in the church. It was very entertaining.

When I really got into diapers my stories would always involve them. At night I would pretend my bed was a spaceship millions of light years from home and I had to wear a diaper because we didn't have a bathroom. Those stories would always involve at least a couple diaper changes, even if my "diaper" was just a blanket. It would always imagine myself as a baby being diapered or as a daddy diapering my stuffed animals.

But why am I telling you all this you may be asking yourself. Well from now on I will be incorporating my fantasies into this blog. When inspiration strikes I will write a quick short story and publish it here. These may be a few paragraphs or a couple parts but they will be entertaining. I'll keep my twitter as a springboard for this site so if you found me without twitter I want to thank you for your time but I ask you to join twitter and follow me to stay up to date with my postings and to enjoy my daily rants, raves and general thoughts and ideas. If you enjoy my stories please share them with your friends so others may enjoy them as much as you do.

I will start soon with my "quick takes" so get ready!

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