Thursday, December 30, 2010

Quick Takes: Making Dinner

“Alright honey.” Jimmy said as he sat on the couch with Call of Duty on pause in front of him. “I'll see you soon, love you.”

He hung up the phone knowing he still had 25 minutes until his wife, Jennifer, came home. In an effort to look like he hadn't sat around all day playing video games, he decided to start making dinner soon so it would be at least almost ready when she got home.

Fifteen minutes later he glanced at the clock. “Perfect timing.” He said to himself. He saved and quit the game and headed to the kitchen to brown some meat for tacos. He was wearing his typical jeans and a Dave Matthews t-shirt but no diaper this time. He always tells himself that, even though he would love to wear a diaper every day, he doesn't want to overdo it in front of his wife.

Half way through browning the meat he glanced out the kitchen window just in time to see the lights on his wife's car shut off. He quickly ran over to the door and unlocked it for her just in time.

“Hey, your early.” He said jokingly.

“No,” Jennifer said, looking at the stove, “you just started late.” She finished with a smile.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah. How was your day?”

She rattled off the events of her day and asked him what he did. He tried desperately to make it sound like he didn't sit around all day but she knew him all too well. “You forgot the part about playing Xbox all day.”

“Oh come on, I didn't play Xbox all day.”

“Yeah right.” She said , “I'm gonna get changed.”

He finished up browning the meat and began cutting the tomato when she came back in. She stood behind him and wrapped her arms around his arms holding them tight to his body.

“You know, I can't finish making dinner with you restricting my arms like that.” He said playfully.

“I love you.” Jennifer said with a smile.

“Oh there you go, ruining the moment.” He continued the playful banter.

She released her grasp and moved her right hand down to squeeze his butt. “No crinkle butt?” she said, referring to his diaper fetish.

“Na, not right now.”

“But why not? I know you like it.” She asked.

“You know, I don't want to overdo it.”

“Hey, go put one on right now.” Jennifer said. When Jimmy didn't move she said it again, sternly. “Jimmy, go get changed!”

“Well if you put it that way, I'll be right back.” He said with a smile. He put down the knife and went to their bedroom closet where he kept his stash. Opening the door he was greeted with a suitcase on the top shelf, he unzipped it and pulled out one of his diapers, grabbed the baby powder from his night stand and laid everything out on the bed. Just as he put his finger into his waste band to pull down his pants, his wife closed the bedroom door.

“Hey, whatcha doin?” She asked playfully. Jimmy smiled back. “Let me help you with that.” Jennifer moved behind him and quickly pulled down his pants. Embarrassed, Jimmy tried to pull them back but She pushed him onto the bed on top of his diaper. “I think someone's being naughty.”

“I don't know what you're talking about.” Jimmy said.

Jennifer jumped onto the bed next to him and opened up the baby powder. “Just a little bit of this.” She said as she generously sprinkled it onto his private parts and inner thighs. “Oops.” She said laughing. She then grabbed him and started to jerk him off. “I know you like the powder.”

“Uh huh.” Was all he could muster as he was approaching climax.

“Alright messy boy, lets keep that in here shall we.” She quickly stopped what she was doing and folded his penis downward. She brought the diaper up between his legs resting it on his body and started tapping it in place. Jimmy knew she wasn't very good at this part so he started taping up the other side but she quickly slapped his hand. “No! I'm gonna do it.”

Jennifer finished taping the diaper on him and started rubbing him through the front of the diaper. Jimmy just lied there in pure happiness. There he was lying on his back in a t-shirt and diaper with his beautiful wife lying next to him rubbing his diaper. Just then he climaxed. His body contorted in pleasure as Jennifer continued to rub, “Alright, alright!” he said.

“Is my baby done?” She asked in a motherly tone as she pulled back her hand. He just looked at her and smiled. “Dinner time!” She said as she jumped off the bed and ran into the kitchen.

James laid there for a minute. “Come on crinkle butt!” Jennifer called from the kitchen.

Remaining in just a t-shirt and diaper, James got his food and sat down with his wife to watch some TV and unwind.

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